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There has been much said on the subject of potholes, and it is a fact, that as a county, Surrey contributes much to central government but receives a disproportionate amount of

funding in return to deal with things like potholes.
The chance to try and rectify this, by petition, can be found at:

Join the Leader of Surrey County Council, Cllr David Hodge in signing

this petition, and help to force government to debate this unfair situation

the current count is just under 2,000 but at 10,000 signatures...

government will respond to this petition, and at 100,000

signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

When the Leader of Surrey County Council, Cllr David Hodge was asked about the Petition and if residents should support he replied,

“ I have signed.  And if 1 in 8 adults support this Petition then we will get the debate in the House of Commons.  

The Government has told me that they will not include the

volumes of traffic as one of their criteria but only the length of road and number of bridges.  

This Petition is really important to our county  

and I am asking Surrey Residents to support it. “